~THANK YOU again to all METHUEN VOTERS whether they voted for me with a sticker or wrote my name in (extra points if you spelled Finocchiaro!), or voted for one of the other sticker candidates, or just headed to the polls to vote in general. YOUR judgment and willingness to give up your time to vote is what Methuen relies on Election Day after Election Day. To the 425 voters who put me on their ballot–THANK YOU for giving me a chance to represent you!

~THANK YOU to all of the PARENTS AND FAMILIES who have children attending the Greater Lawrence Technical School who approached me during the campaign to let me know what their needs are, and how I can help. I won’t take your support for granted, and will work hard for your families. Please feel free to call me with issues and ideas, and if it’s something that I can’t directly help with I promise to at least figure out what your next steps could be. (978) 566-1786

~THANK YOU to all of MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY who knocked doors, made phone calls, held signs, cheered us on, and worked late into the night especially: my mother Joan Condee Finocchiaro and her friends, my grandmother Christine McKinney and my grandfather Franny McKinney, my father Joseph Finocchiaro my little sister Julianna Finocchiaro, my boyfriend John Zebrowski, and my amazing friends Katrina Athena Rapa, Eunice Delice and her family and friends, Lalana Gunaratne and her fiancée Alec Graham, Megan Simmons, Gary Mannion Jr., James Blatchford and his fiancée Laura Santana, Kit’s friends Dani Burstein & Pedro Olivo, …and there’s so many more to mention, THANK YOU for sharing my stickers with friends and family, inviting me to your events to meet voters, and for giving me pointers throughout it all. I’ll never forget how generous everyone was with their time and interests.

~THANK YOU to many of OUR LOCAL OFFICIALS AND CANDIDATES who were so supportive of me running a sticker campaign in Methuen. Even some folks who had never met me in their life were handing out stickers and excited about the process, cheering our team on! The support that we experienced from so many was incredible, especially considering many of them had their own campaigns to be focusing on. Congratulations to all of the candidates who put so much hard work reaching out to the community and for being willing to serve the public. Thank you to the other successful Methuen GLTS Candidate Barbara Grondine and other members of the GLTS Committee who were so supportive. Thank you to the other sticker candidates DJ Deeb and Marsha Burns and any others, I’m proud that more members of the community felt the way I did and didn’t want to see a Methuen seat go unfilled. Thank you also to Christine Touma-Conway, Methuen’s City Clerk and her team for all of your hard work and professionalism as always, I know it took a lot of extra effort to manage the election results with so many write in votes this year.

~THANK YOU to the #NEWS OUTLETS that were interested in our story despite being an unknown native, running a campaign in the last few days before the Election in the midst of other huge news stories such as the #Methuen and #Lawrence mayoral races. A special thank you for your interest in an unknown candidate to: Doug Mosler at The eagletribune.com, Tom Duggan through The Valley Patriot and his show Paying Attention! at 980 WCAP, Ted Panos and Austin Fontanella at 980 WCAP Radio, and everyone at Methuen Community Television including Karen Hayden who was excited to have me on the show Tuesday night!

THANK YOU METHUEN! You’ve supported me, now I’m going to do everything I can to help support YOU!






Methuen Greater Lawrence Regional Technical High School Committee Member-Elect

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